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    I call hilly San Francisco home with my husband and wild child. I like wild, so I'd have it no other way. When I am not with my boys, I love to be out capturing life - people - in a fun and real way. It is work, but I get to laugh, play, cheer, and get excited … a lot.

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Hello world!

I have finally gone live with a new blog and updated website!  Whoa-hooooo!   I never knew the amount of time and the voluminous components that went into building a business.  I appreciate all the people that have shared with me their experiences and trials and tribulations of becoming an entrepreneur.  I too hope to be able to help others once I become more seasoned in this entrepreneurial world.

So some shout outs to those close at heart:  A HUGE one goes out to my husband, Tuan.  He has been the most supportive partner one could ever ask for — he is understanding when I don’t go to bed until the wee hours of the morning, he makes me coffee so I can stay productive at work, he refills my wine glass when I am stressed, and he graciously researches the technical aspects of the biz (e.g. – this blog!).  I also would not be able to make this photography business official without my mother-in-law lovingly taking care of my little wild child an additional weekday.  He has a spirited soul that keeps everyone running – and I mean everyone.  Even so, grandma somehow magically keeps up and my Baby Ian gets it — I think they have become bff!  And last but not least, I say many many thanks to my brother Sean, who was the impetus for me starting a business.  Sean has known my passion for photography for the past 2+ decades and has seen much of my work.  He also of course intimately knows my personality and my natural affinity to people of all walks of life, especially children.  Not long after the New Year, Sean (who is an outstanding architect himself based in NY) was visiting me in SF with his boy.  He was nearly badgering me on why I have not started a photography business.  Since then, he has been there to answer my technical questions (total creative gadget nerd), provide feedback, suggest business software and concepts, and the list goes on.  In addition to these three key folks plus my toddler that brightens each and every day of my life, I have been blessed with much moral support by friends, family, and colleagues.  From the bottom of my heart and soul – THANK YOU a 1000 times over!

I quickly discovered that becoming an entrepreneur was not that romantic career life I imagined, but was actually mentally and physically draining.  Well, at least the ‘business’ side of things — the photographing part is still a dream!  Each week I learn how to better manage all the competing priorities of life – photo biz, my nonprofit work, family, friends and personal life.  I have even managed to start running again!  Although challenging, this is an exciting venture I am living and I anxiously anticipate the roads that lie ahead.

Following are a few images of me and my family.  I look forward to us becoming longtime friends.


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    Hey Teresa! Congrats and best wishes. The photos are excellent.ReplyCancel

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