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“Lets Go Play Outside!” | Community Event

As a mother of a 2 year old, those are the first four words I hear every morning. And why not? We should all do more playing. In my corner of San Francisco, there is a tremendous lack of safe quality playgrounds, let alone clean ones. Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center spent nearly a year and a half raising funds to completely renovate their playground, upgrading it to an innovative, modern, accessible and most importantly safe play space. As you will see, it basically took a village to build this playground – from the ground up. There were more than 230 amazing volunteers who sacrificed a weekend, weekday or both to make this dream a reality. Preschoolers and disabled adults even contributed by creating decorations and posters! The images below only skim the surface in telling the story of this playground build. What you will not see are the countless planning hours, the grant proposals, the community meetings, the playground research, etc.

Special thanks to Kaboom, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), the Bothin Foundation, and the Tin Man Fund for their generosity and commitment to creating happier healthier opportunities for our children. And of course many thanks to Recology and Ben and Jerry’s for keeping our volunteers from going hungry!

In less than 48 hours Tel-Hi’s 120+ children will be running, jumping, and wheeling all around their new space. I myself cannot wait to hear their squeals and laughter!

If you’d like to see a much wider coverage of the build day, please visit THIS LINK. Your password is Tel-Hi.

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