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Meeting the Photo Challenge – negatives, nomads and nepal

I was fortunate to have THREE photos chosen as top picks in the Alphabet Photo challenge on the I Heart Faces blog.  This was quite a surprise as it was the first time ever that I entered a photo challenge.  The challenge was to present a photo that depicted a subject starting with the letter ‘N.’

So I came up with this *insane* idea to pull out all my old negatives, scan them, and create a monthly blog featuring from my world travels.  I thought it’d be a cool project to undertake for numerous reasons.  I could ensure that I’d have a secondary backup of what I feel are priceless images as they bring back SO many memories, create a sort of journal for my family, as well as relive those moments and get a good laugh at all the outlandish risks I took – pre-motherhood, of course.  So yes, I shot a load of film.  It would not be uncommon for me to have 20-30 roles of film packed in my carry-on.  Picture me making airport security people hand inspect each and every role because I demanded they not go through the radar screen … in every country.  I nearly missed flights because of this.  Film was like gold to me.  I also spent countless hours in the lab developing and printing, getting light headed from all the fumes.  Or maybe it was due to lack of food from loosing track of time ….

Here is just a teeny sneak peek into some travel features to come.  My thoughts on ‘N’ …. negatives, nomads, and nepal.


  • Monica Montague

    Awesome picture of the nomads. I look forward to seeing more from your film days.ReplyCancel

    • Teresa

      Thanks Monica! It’s daunting of a project to attack, but totally worth it once it’s done.ReplyCancel

  • Delphine G.

    I love the colours of film images. Beautiful rich colors of the jars.ReplyCancel

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