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Film Friday! Zambia.

You may recall that awhile back I said I wanted to attack my stock piles of negatives and start posting some of the travel scenes.  Well I am finally getting there.  Welcome to Film Fridays!  I’m so inspired again to drag out my film camera, that I think I just might load up some film tomorrow and go out to shoot.

Here are a few images of one particular day in Zambia.  It was an unplanned stop in our 4 month journey through Africa, but we had to detour as the north of Namibia was in a bit of turmoil.  We were on a 3 week overland camping safari with 6 other folks from Australia, Holland, South Africa, and Germany.  None of us had visas for Zambia, so our wise guide found a boat to ride out to some makeshift immigration house to get us stamps … for good cash of course.  We were only there a couple days before heading down through Botswana.  But such an incredible sight.  We canoed for a few hours and were taunted by a huge hippo.  The evening was warm, peaceful, and the setting sun did not disappoint.  I had always heard about how big the sun appeared in Africa and the enveloping colors of the sunset.  It really is a place like no other.

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