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The Way I View … Blessings

“Count your blessings.”  Mum used to tell me those three words on nearly every phone call.  Today would have been mum’s 74th birthday if she had lived a couple more months to experience it.  I miss her dearly and wish I could call to hear her voice.  I miss the way she pronounces every letter in a word and chuckles at the tales of my boy’s mischievousness.  But instead today I have to think about what my blessings are as I know that’s what she would want me to do.  Specifically to mum, I feel blessed that I was able to fly 3000+ miles to be with her in her final hours.  The doctor said she could go at any moment, so I feel incredibly blessed that she waited for me.  I was also able to take my little one, so mum could hug and kiss her 10th grandchild one last time.

And my little Ian is about the biggest blessing I have experienced.  No one ever warned me how powerful the love of a newborn can be.  I mean, like one giant Ka-Pow! kind of feeling.  Although I only have one child at the moment, and would have 5 if I could, I am truly blessed with the one healthy *spirited* snuggly boy I have.  And as I follow mum’s wise words, I hug my boy a little tighter because I can.

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