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    I call hilly San Francisco home with my husband and wild child. I like wild, so I'd have it no other way. When I am not with my boys, I love to be out capturing life - people - in a fun and real way. It is work, but I get to laugh, play, cheer, and get excited … a lot.

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Happy Easter!

Seems like only yesterday that Valentine’s passed by, and now here we are already celebrating the Easter season.  My childhood years were filled with the tradition of coloring eggs and egg hunts, but my favorite part was the actual art of dying the eggs and waiting to see the color results.  Being this the first year I am trying it with my boy, I searched for ways to do this without the typical dying tablets I am all too familiar with.  So of course I came up with too many ideas.  I settled for painting with Glob paint and experimenting with various natural egg dyeing recipes, which resulted in enough mess to last a day’s worth of dish washing!  Let’s just say lesson learned.  But it was worth it for my little guy to experience the painting and anticipation of the colored eggs.  Here are a few outtakes of our morning.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Of course he has to start with TWO eggs and TWO paint brushes. I think he has my multitasking skills. 🙂

Nice and clean for only so long …
These natural dyes were red cabbage (gorgeous blue color), paprika (failed miserably), turmeric, and green tea.

  • Hao Tran

    Wow, so cute! So colorful, so creative!

    I love your blog!!!


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