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Henry Miller Library Big Sur Wedding

Have you ever had that experience when you meet someone new that you both hit it off within the first 2 minutes?  Like old friends comparing notes on a common interest?  Well that was how it was with these two.  I felt that I could talk for hours if we had the time.  I quickly discovered they had met in the Peace Corps while serving in Peru and spent a few years abroad working and traveling.  They love the outdoors, hence getting married outside in Big Sur at the Henry Miller Memorial Library, and were going camping soon after the wedding.  Then they were off to Nepal for a year, a place close to heart as I spent some time volunteering in that small poor country and had made friends with some incredible people.

The bride had the coolest personable details.  She planted every centerpiece and favor.  Being avid readers, they chose favorite authors as table names and created bookmarks with guest names placed carefully within each book.  But my all time favorite detail was the time and effort she put into collecting wedding photos of family members.  This included aunts and uncles and even great (great) aunts and uncles.  I witnessed tears as one recalled fond memories.  I mean it teared me up seeing this!  Amazing how a photograph can bring you back to that special moment.

And a shout out to the indie-folk band The New Thoreaus for playing nonstop and keeping the party going.  I can’t wait to see another show here in the Bay Area.  And thank you to Elley for letting me play and work alongside her for this intimate wedding.

Here’s to wishing you both a fabulous year in Nepal!  xo

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