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Christie + Michael – 10 Year Vows

Nearly a year ago Christie shared with her sister Kim, mom, and close friends that she dreamed of having a 10 year renewal of vows with her husband Michael. Christie even picked out the perfect dress for the occasion. Well time passed, kids consume us, life happens and for various reasons that dream slowly faded away.

Come the morning of Saturday July 27th. Kim and a couple others arrived at Christie and Michael’s house. Christie was getting ready to help Kim with a private dinner party that day (Kim is the fabulous chef and owner behind Deelish Catering). But instead of laboring away at cooking and hosting, Christie was whisked off for a day of self indulgence – hair, makeup, nails and all. Michael got to hang with the guys and have a few drinks of course. Maybe even a haircut. And both grandmas took their two toddlers for the day. I mean all hands were on deck here!

And it gets better. Seriously. With the help of Christie’s friend, Kim and her mom tracked down that perfect dreamy dress. Even Michael got some new threads. And of course they didn’t forget to dress up the kids as well. Bouquets & boutonnieres were created, gardens decorated, food & drinks gorgeously displayed, and very importantly, Christie and Michael’s closest family and friends showing up to the surprise event. Can we say magical??

When Kim contacted me to capture this event, I felt honored to be a part of such a thoughtful incredible story. But what really nailed it, was when Kim told me Christie and Michael only had a handful of photos from their wedding 10 years ago. It was shot by a friend and unfortunately something happened to the film, leaving everything blue. At that moment, I felt I would do anything to capture this for them.

During the day they were given time to write up their vows.  Hearing and watching them would fill anyone with emotion.

Such a gorgeous home garden.

All members of the original wedding party!

Kim is the superpower behind Deelish Catering, specializing in dinner parties and showers.  And it is seriously delicious!

Then there was all the making of a wedding – speeches, laughs, tears, first dance, & partying!  Loved that the family dance was Whip It by Devo.

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