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Mom’s Day

As I was putting this post together, Tuan laughs commenting, “Mom’s Day, yet you’re not even in the photos.”  Just goes to show you Moms, that we need to be in pictures more.  Anyhow, I’m happy with this fun day as I chose to go berry picking for Mother’s Day weekend.  Getting all dusty, hot and sticky sounds like a perfect day to me.  So we took a road trip out to Brentwood – known for the fruit farms.  So worth the trip!  If you want to know a couple good farms, just ask.

We started off searching for cherries, but turned out the first farm had only apricots and blackberries.  They said another week until their cherries were ripe enough.  Honestly we came across some zoned-off cherry trees and they tasted fine to us.  Anyhow, there was a plethora of apricots!  It was Ian’s first time berry picking so once he got the bucket, he just shot off.


Every time I found him, he had his mouth full!  I’ve no idea why he even dragged around a bucket, ’cause none of the fruit made its way into it.


Brentwood-Fruit-Picking-Family_Stomp_TeresaOBrienPhotography_0002We actually liked the black berries the most.



Next stop – strawberries!   Now it was heating up and although the berries were plentiful, we didn’t cover much ground.  Yet we accumulated a lot!



Brentwood-Fruit-Picking-Family_Stomp_TeresaOBrienPhotography_0004Third and last stop was a cherry farm.  Incredible amounts – crazy amounts!  We parked our car along the side and the trees were literally dripping with cherries!  Ian, excited and enthused, decided to skip the front entrance to pay, scoot under the makeshift netting fence, pluck off handfuls of cherries, and hand them to anyone who passed by.  Lets just say he made a few new friends!


Brentwood-Fruit-Picking-Family_Stomp_TeresaOBrienPhotography_0006We went a little overboard, taste testing and picking, that we all ended with overly-full tummies and quite a bit poorer.  No way we could eat as much as we picked so we passed out pounds of it to all our local families.


After all that healthy fruit eating, this was the ultimate perfect ending.  Last stop was the Brentwood pool to clean off.  Simply a perfect day.


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