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Back to School

It was a busy summer filled with summer camps in all corners of the city followed by a final two week trip to NYC to visit friends and family.  With only a week lull time, we were heading to kindergarten.  The morning came and I had to drag him out of bed, with little one moaning, “why does school have to start so early?”  Once we got out of the house, he was full of excitement of the unknown, looking forward to being with loads of other kids.

I warned my little wild child that I’d be visually documenting our morning.  I’ve gotten lots of feedback from friends on how nice it was to see the larger story of such a special day.  It made me think how nice it would be to follow a family around the morning of to capture the interaction of parents and kids as they anticipate the day and hug goodbye.  Would you be interested in something like this?

First Day of School_PERS_2015-08-27_TeresaOBrienPhotography-1

He can hardly believe he is actually wearing a uniform.

First Day of School_PERS_2015-08-27_TeresaOBrienPhotography-6

Our new commute through China Town.  Its not too bad when all the stores are closed.  😉

First Day of School_PERS_2015-08-27_TeresaOBrienPhotography-16 First Day of School_PERS_2015-08-27_TeresaOBrienPhotography-15 First Day of School_PERS_2015-08-27_TeresaOBrienPhotography-12

Little one just noticed the large anxious crowd outside of school and I think he momentarily got a sinking feeling.

First Day of School_PERS_2015-08-27_TeresaOBrienPhotography-27

Reluctantly giving me a quick photo before we walk in.

First Day of School_PERS_2015-08-27_TeresaOBrienPhotography-38

First Day of School_PERS_2015-08-27_TeresaOBrienPhotography-43

Happy again as he just found one familiar face in the crowd.

First Day of School_PERS_2015-08-27_TeresaOBrienPhotography-47

Here are a couple hundred of our soon-to-be friends!

First Day of School_PERS_2015-08-27_TeresaOBrienPhotography-54

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