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    I call hilly San Francisco home with my husband and wild child. I like wild, so I'd have it no other way. When I am not with my boys, I love to be out capturing life - people - in a fun and real way. It is work, but I get to laugh, play, cheer, and get excited … a lot.

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Road Trip along Highway 1 – San Francisco Bay Area

Road trips are our happy place. If I say “road trip” my kid jumps. He equally loves the unknown adventures that lie ahead. I think he also loves the actual traveling – a car full of snacks and sandwiches, drawing activities, books, music and a slew of Magic Treehouse audio books. Audio books are my secret to happy long trips, making the “are we there yet” questions further apart. The spontaneous stops are always a must and always require a change of clothes as I seem to find the wettest and muddiest of places.

This field of flowers was found somewhere south of Half Moon Bay. Wild child and I both ran fully into the field and came out completely yellow! Like my sweater is ruined yellow. But it was worth it. We smelled good!

Beach_FAM_20160206_Teresa OBrien Photography-52

This guy – taunting me with Nutella to chase him down the long path. Of course I did and of course I scored some Nutella!

Beach_FAM_20160206_Teresa OBrien Photography-5

Ninja kung fu battles are wild child’s favorite activity to do with his dad, no matter where we’re at.

Beach_FAM_20160206_Teresa OBrien Photography-32-Edit Beach_FAM_20160206_Teresa OBrien Photography-43

Gotta love this California light!

Beach_FAM_20160206_Teresa OBrien Photography-71

Davenport_2-7-16_039_Teresa OBrien Photography

Tag is our favorite game and it never gets old.

Beach_FAM_20160206_Teresa OBrien Photography-106

Asking how to get to the beach, the hotel staff said just follow the railroad tracks until you see a trail turning in.

Beach_FAM_20160206_Teresa OBrien Photography-64 Beach_FAM_20160206_Teresa OBrien Photography-114

Davenport_2-7-16_030_Teresa OBrien PhotographyRoad Trip – San Francisco Bay Area High

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