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    I call hilly San Francisco home with my husband and wild child. I like wild, so I'd have it no other way. When I am not with my boys, I love to be out capturing life - people - in a fun and real way. It is work, but I get to laugh, play, cheer, and get excited … a lot.

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You know that feeling when an email pops up in your box from someone you haven’t heard from in awhile, and you’re so excited to hear the latest?  That how I felt when Tu-Lien wrote recently to say she was flying to San Francisco for a secret intimate wedding.  Wow!  What an honor to meet her fiancé and memorialize the occasion.  Last time I saw Tu-Lien we were running around Golden Gate Park to photograph her family – three generations and two dogs – before her grandma returned to Vietnam.

It was a gorgeous warm sunny day at San Francisco City Hall.  If you ever get married there, be SURE to request officiant Gabriel Breitzke-Rivera.  He volunteers his time officiating marriages and shares a positive uplifting demeanor.  I did a search and found Mr. Breitzke-Rivera quoted here – tells a lot about who he is as a person.  Tu-Lien and Murat, as well as I, really appreciated his mini ceremony.

TuLien+Murat_WED_20160224_Teresa OBrien Photography-144 TuLien+Murat_WED_20160224_Teresa OBrien Photography-13 TuLien+Murat_WED_20160224_Teresa OBrien Photography-47 TuLien+Murat_WED_20160224_Teresa OBrien Photography-52 TuLien+Murat_WED_20160224_Teresa OBrien Photography-109 TuLien+Murat_WED_20160224_Teresa OBrien Photography-89 TuLien+Murat_WED_20160224_Teresa OBrien Photography-114 TuLien+Murat_WED_20160224_Teresa OBrien Photography-124 TuLien+Murat_WED_20160224_Teresa OBrien Photography-123 TuLien+Murat_WED_20160224_Teresa OBrien Photography-138



Road trips are our happy place. If I say “road trip” my kid jumps. He equally loves the unknown adventures that lie ahead. I think he also loves the actual traveling – a car full of snacks and sandwiches, drawing activities, books, music and a slew of Magic Treehouse audio books. Audio books are my secret to happy long trips, making the “are we there yet” questions further apart. The spontaneous stops are always a must and always require a change of clothes as I seem to find the wettest and muddiest of places.

This field of flowers was found somewhere south of Half Moon Bay. Wild child and I both ran fully into the field and came out completely yellow! Like my sweater is ruined yellow. But it was worth it. We smelled good!

Beach_FAM_20160206_Teresa OBrien Photography-52

This guy – taunting me with Nutella to chase him down the long path. Of course I did and of course I scored some Nutella!

Beach_FAM_20160206_Teresa OBrien Photography-5

Ninja kung fu battles are wild child’s favorite activity to do with his dad, no matter where we’re at.

Beach_FAM_20160206_Teresa OBrien Photography-32-Edit Beach_FAM_20160206_Teresa OBrien Photography-43

Gotta love this California light!

Beach_FAM_20160206_Teresa OBrien Photography-71

Davenport_2-7-16_039_Teresa OBrien Photography

Tag is our favorite game and it never gets old.

Beach_FAM_20160206_Teresa OBrien Photography-106

Asking how to get to the beach, the hotel staff said just follow the railroad tracks until you see a trail turning in.

Beach_FAM_20160206_Teresa OBrien Photography-64 Beach_FAM_20160206_Teresa OBrien Photography-114

Davenport_2-7-16_030_Teresa OBrien PhotographyRoad Trip – San Francisco Bay Area High

Chaos.  Craziness.  Spontaneity.  I love it all honestly.  When I offered our family friends to host a boys sleepover – the boys FIRST ever sleepover –  they were happy to let me be the guinea.  As a kid I loved sleepovers so I was nearly as excited as the boys were.  My husband Tuan, not so much.  He was happy to host and made super yummy pizza … but when the energy was high he preferred to stay on the other side of the house.  Poor guy needed a day of rest after this one.  😉

Anyhow on to the pure crazy wild rule-breaking fun.  These images are a mix of my pro camera and iPhone, depending on what camera I could grab quickly to capture the moment.

By all means, it had to start off with a bit of wrestling….

Sleepover_PERS_20160227_Teresa OBrien Photography-3 Sleepover_PERS_20160227_Teresa OBrien Photography-9

Homemade jumpy house.  Had to save the neighbors sanity downstairs, so I dragged a mattress into the hallway and let the boys jump until exhaustion set in.


Nothing like a movie to turn kids into zombies.  Had a nice surprise visit from the girl next door.  The three older kids all attended their first preschool year together.  How does that song/saying go?   Make new friends but the old friends are gold…. Sleepover_PERS_20160227_Teresa OBrien Photography-30

Spoiling is a definitely a must for friends and sleepovers.  Rule breaking, wild energy, homemade pizza, movie and even homemade ice cream.

Sleepover_PERS_20160227_Teresa OBrien Photography-41 Sleepover_PERS_20160227_Teresa OBrien Photography-44 Sleepover_PERS_20160227_Teresa OBrien Photography-54

The boys woke up early for this…. Sleepover_PERS_20160227_Teresa OBrien Photography-60

I was a little worried that the young one would miss home, but after this treatment, he was planning to move in.

Sleepover_PERS_20160227_Teresa OBrien Photography-59 Sleepover_iPhone_20160227_Teresa OBrien Photography-6 Sleepover_iPhone_20160227_Teresa OBrien Photography-8 Sleepover_PERS_20160227_Teresa OBrien Photography-56

After science, breakfast and reading, the boys decided to plan a secret spy mission.  I think they were plotting an ambush on me.   Sleepover_PERS_20160227_Teresa OBrien Photography-69

Sleepover_iPhone_20160227_Teresa OBrien Photography-9