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    I call hilly San Francisco home with my husband and wild child. I like wild, so I'd have it no other way. When I am not with my boys, I love to be out capturing life - people - in a fun and real way. It is work, but I get to laugh, play, cheer, and get excited … a lot.

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I grew up in a family of six, so large families have a special place in my heart. And like this family, I was the only girl. AND I too had a black and white dog!

I met Katie at the UNITED photography conference last year in Santa Barbara and immediately liked her. Then I got to meet her family this summer. Such fun kids, each with their unique personalities, spanning from 8 years to 15 years old. I don’t know how these parents do it, but they sure are doing something right!

Katie is a great photographer based in Portland, Oregon, so you can imagine how flattered I was when Katie contacted me to photograph her family.  If you are in Portland, make sure to check her out, especially her work with high school seniors.

I love kids’ reactions when parents hug or kiss.

Prentiss Family_2015-07-28_FAM-10 Prentiss Family_2015-07-28_FAM-11 Prentiss Family_2015-07-28_FAM-12 Prentiss Family_2015-07-28_FAM-22

Stella is definitely the family dog, proudly watching over her peeps.

Prentiss Family_2015-07-28_FAM-16 Prentiss Family_2015-07-28_FAM-31

I guess with four kids you don’t get much alone time.  😉

Prentiss Family_2015-07-28_FAM-32

Prentiss Family_2015-07-28_FAM-108

Prentiss Family_2015-07-28_FAM-97 Prentiss Family_2015-07-28_FAM-50 Prentiss Family_2015-07-28_FAM-59

Who needs to buy toys when you can use sticks and kelp for outdoor play?

Prentiss Family_2015-07-28_FAM-55 Prentiss Family_2015-07-28_FAM-68 Prentiss Family_2015-07-28_FAM-123 Prentiss Family_2015-07-28_FAM-121

Grabbing a couple head shots of this beautiful lady.

Prentiss Family_2015-07-28_FAM-99


  • you’re so sweet and so fun to work with!! we loved doing this shoot with you! and will treasure these for years to come!!


These days it is a rare weekend day that Tuan or I are not working, so if I see our calendar open I’m likely going to fill it with a family day adventure. This past weekend we took a mini road trip south, in search of whale watching. I’ve been wanting to do this for couple years now and had it on my “family bucket list.” We really didn’t know what to expect as we walked onto the Sea Goddess whale watching boat, but we were excited even before we cruised out of the harbor – spotting sea lions swimming about and abundant wildlife. About a mile out to sea we spotted our first two whales. What an experience! I had no clue they would be so close. I don’t think any of us did – as all three of us were loudly excited! Although we didn’t see any whales jumping in the air or flaunting high tails for those epic whale shots, we were graced by their peaceful presence.

After our 2 1/2 hour boat tour, we decided to do a quick stop at the Moss Landing sand dunes. And I’m so glad we did ….  by the end we were exhausted, covered with sand, starving …. and simply happy.

Whale Day_FB_2015-09-20_TeresaOBrienPhotography-21 Whale Day_FB_2015-09-20_TeresaOBrienPhotography-9 Whale Day_FB_2015-09-20_TeresaOBrienPhotography-13

Whale Day_FB_2015-09-20_TeresaOBrienPhotography-15

Whale Day_FB_2015-09-20_TeresaOBrienPhotography-14 Whale Day_FB_2015-09-20_TeresaOBrienPhotography-12 Whale Day_FB_2015-09-20_TeresaOBrienPhotography-18 Whale Day_FB_2015-09-20_TeresaOBrienPhotography-11 Whale Day_FB_2015-09-20_TeresaOBrienPhotography-7 Whale Day_FB_2015-09-20_TeresaOBrienPhotography-4

Summer was full of excitement for Tiffany and Daniel.  He proposed, she said yes, and they were ready to be husband and wife.  So they booked a wedding date for a few weeks later at the fabulous San Francisco City Hall.  Daniel and Tiffany had such a sweet giddy happiness about them all morning as we ran around City Hall.  They just couldn’t stop smiling!

If you have a few minutes, hop over to see their San Francisco engagement session.

Tiffany+Daniel_2015-07-13_WED-178 Tiffany+Daniel_2015-07-13_WED-133

Daniel is a risk taker.  Sitting on the ledge of the 4th floor, I think Tiffany felt a little nervous for her new husband.  Tiffany+Daniel_2015-07-13_WED-141


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Waiting for Daniel as he had to run to fill the parking meter.  If you live in SF you know parking fines are brutal!

Tiffany+Daniel_2015-07-13_WED-200 Tiffany+Daniel_2015-07-13_WED-205 Tiffany+Daniel_2015-07-13_WED-172

Its truly real!  They’re wearing shiny new wedding bands.

Tiffany+Daniel_2015-07-13_WED-173 Tiffany+Daniel_2015-07-13_WED-250 Tiffany+Daniel_2015-07-13_WED-257 Tiffany+Daniel_2015-07-13_WED-259

Gotta love the random folks around City Hall that like to photobomb brides and grooms.  There’s definitely no lack of characters and tourists in San Francisco!

Tiffany+Daniel_2015-07-13_WED-268 Tiffany+Daniel_2015-07-13_WED-277