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    I call hilly San Francisco home with my husband and wild child. I like wild, so I'd have it no other way. When I am not with my boys, I love to be out capturing life - people - in a fun and real way. It is work, but I get to laugh, play, cheer, and get excited … a lot.

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She bartended at a place he frequented.  He frequented more and more as their conversations grew longer and longer.  He then surprised her by meeting her at the airport with flowers and chocolates in hand.  Since that first kiss they’ve shared many walks, talks, and travels.  Annie is a SFUSD 5th grade teacher, so we incorporated some fun playground scenes into the start of the engagement session.

Annie+David_2015-06-28_ENGAGE-3 Annie+David_2015-06-28_ENGAGE-5_Blog

Then hustled off to the bar to share a couple drinks. Annie+David_2015-06-28_ENGAGE-27

The same guys that visited Sunday afternoons when Annie worked the bar (years ago) were still there.  They all had a drink in honor of her visit and engagement!  Oh how I love these characters. Annie+David_2015-06-28_ENGAGE-23 Annie+David_2015-06-28_ENGAGE-20

Lastly we set out for some trails and beach.  It was a gusty, blustery grey day, keeping many folks away from Sutro Baths.  Fog and wind is not much of a surprise for a San Francisco summer.  Yet it all worked out in our favor as we had a peaceful, nearly desolate evening.


Annie+David_2015-06-28_ENGAGE-33 Annie+David_2015-06-28_ENGAGE-37 Annie+David_2015-06-28_ENGAGE-40 Annie+David_2015-06-28_ENGAGE-46 Annie+David_2015-06-28_ENGAGE-47 Annie+David_2015-06-28_ENGAGE-55 Annie+David_2015-06-28_ENGAGE-58 Annie+David_2015-06-28_ENGAGE-52_Blog Annie+David_2015-06-28_ENGAGE-60

I met this little blue-eyed beauty at my kid’s school last year.  I immediately was drawn to her independent style and attitude.  One could almost ‘see’ the gears working in her brain as she leaped and jumped around the playground, always creating an imaginary game.  Oh how I love the playfulness of a five year old.

Yes – those blue eyes are real!  No photoshop.



As I mentioned her independent nature, she set up her drawing space, complete with towel and million dollar view.


DeAnne_FAM_6-18-15_048 DeAnne_FAM_6-18-15_067 DeAnne_FAM_6-18-15_082 DeAnne_FAM_6-18-15_091 DeAnne_FAM_6-18-15_099 DeAnne_FAM_6-18-15_103 DeAnne_FAM_6-18-15_104 DeAnne_FAM_6-18-15_108 DeAnne_FAM_6-18-15_133 DeAnne_FAM_6-18-15_116


Living in a drought-stricken area made me forget what it was like to be in a summer downpour.  It dawned on me that I haven’t driven in rain in two plus years!  Crazy.

Although it was a rainy heavy-overcast day, I love how the window light in this midwest home, full of wood and warmth, created such a beautiful moody light.  Who says you always need sunshine?  And the rain didn’t keep this little princess from jumping and twirling about while her new little sister just had to watch with her big eyes.

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